Secrets of the 420 Pound Christian

Secret #2 - Nothing New Under The Sun

February 26, 2022 Douglas Cromer
Secrets of the 420 Pound Christian
Secret #2 - Nothing New Under The Sun
Show Notes

The freedom you desire, the change you dream about, will not be found here on earth. We are promised that we were made into new creations through Christ Jesus. (II Cor 5:17).  So where is the evidence?  It kind of reminds me of the old Wendy's commercial with the old lady asking where's the beef?????  Where is the new you? In this episode, I deep dive into where the new you can be found.  Trust me you will want to listen until the end. The new you is only found through intimacy.  Ecclesiastes 1:9 says there is nothing new under the sun.  You have to go above the sun to the heaviness to find the new you, and I teach you exactly how you do that in this episode.

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