Secrets of the 420 Pound Christian

Secret #1 - Failing By Design

February 11, 2022 Douglas Cromer Episode 1
Secrets of the 420 Pound Christian
Secret #1 - Failing By Design
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If you do not understand your design you will never be free!  If you are reading this, I guarantee you have an eating disorder and you have no idea what I mean by that (hint - I am not talking about the physical food we stuff our faces with).  The majority of the Modern-Day Christians share a common struggle, we don't understand our design so the path we take to try to transform ourselves always fails.   I challenge you to put your defenses down and let the truth of this secret punch you square in your face.  I promise you, you need this type of encounter with the truth!  I dare you to listen to this podcast and learn what your pastor probably never taught you.

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Welcome To The New Podcast
Failing To Understand Our Design
The Voices Within
The External Voices
Check Those Words With The Word Of God
Walking In The Spirit The Proper Alignment
What is Sanctification?
Where the Misalignment Begins
How Addiction Starts
Addiction's Affect On The Brain
Renew A Right Spirit Within Me
Hindered Worship
Intimacy With The Father
Judging The Fruit
The Eating Disorder Explained
Closing The Church Doors
Real Talk
An Open Heaven
Your Mouth Is A 3D Printer
Our Bodies Our Idols
How Are We Going To Get Back To Proper Alignment?
The Quickest Way To Fix The Eating Disorder
The Steps To Getting Back To Proper Alignment
Revelation Brings Transformation
A Loving Push